No machine could ever match the care and attention to detail demonstrated by our employees that is why all department are done by hand. Our employees take pride in their craftsmanship.  From the wood shop, to the sewing department, and finishing with the upholsterers: each staff member takes care to ensure the small details are not overlooked.


Our furniture is bench-made, we are not built on an assembly line.  One upholsterer will start and finish the entire piece.  This means the details on the left side and right side will match each other. If the order consists of matching chairs, the same upholsterer will build both.  This ensures the two chairs will have the same characteristics (size of the pleats, how tightly the padding is pulled, how the seams sit on the arms).  This allows the upholsterer to take more pride in their work. This attention to detail results in a final product that is crisply tailored, beautifully built piece of upholstery that will be enjoyed for many years.

Frames & Construction

Frames are made with a combination of two-side finished engineered plywood and solid hardwood products ensuring superior quality and uniform strength. All lumber is then cut and assembled by hand with careful attention to detail. Water-based glue is used in every wooden joint to ensure the best bonding. We only use the highest grade raw materials to ensure our framework is clean, strong and built to last. All frames are made with an extra thick 1 1/8" solid hardwood that have been kiln dried.

The grain in the middle layers of this of two-side finished engineered plywood runs in the same direction to prevent splintering during assembly of the frame using staples or screws.

The engineered frame is strengthened by a combination of staples, glue, and corner blocks. Extra centre leg (where necessary). Our frames are built to withstand years and years of loving use.

All frames are wrapped in grain-based CertiPUR-US® polyurethane foam and fiber for additional padding to provide a beautiful tailored look and added fabric durability.

Legs are attached to the frame by Threaded Locking Nut or screws. Threaded Locking Nut are attached to the hardwood frame from the inside, this creates a strengthened fixing point that will ensure legs do not come off with movement.


We use No Sag 8 gauge sinuous springs in the seating and 11 gauge in the back. The springs are banded together with a Lateral Retention Bar providing added strength to the seating and back while preventing sinuous springs from twisting, collapsing, or sagging.

Along with durability the Lateral Retention bar keeps the seating comfortable and uniform.

Four springs per seat, plus a unique double set of springs around the arms at either end of a sofa or love preventing weakening or sinking in the corners.

Springs are attached to the hardwood lumber with polyresin spring clips to prevent metal on metal squeaking. Spring clips are double stapled closed to prevent slippage.

Many of our styles use rubber webbing. Webbing helps to evenly distribute weight, increase comfort, and ensure durability while creating unique designs.


All foam used is free of flame retardant chemicals, grain-based CertiPUR-US®, and made in Canada.

High Resiliency polyurethane foam ranging from 2.0 to 2.75 pound density is used in our seat cushions, and comes in a wide range of soft and firm options. The high resiliency foam keeps its firmness for a longer time even on semi-firm options, it is also manufactured in an environmentally responsible way.

The solid foam cores are wrapped with Dacron to creating a comfort layer between the upholstery fabric and foam. The gluing is an important step as it prevents the material from separating thus avoiding any future lumping. The Dacron wraps prevent the upholstery fabric from creeping and slipping.

Extra strength grain-based foam covering 1.2Lbs covers all wood to help eliminate frame feel. All foam is CertiPUR-US® which means it has not undergone rigorous testing to ensure it meets the latest standards for content, emissions and durability.

Fabric Cut & Sewing

Fabric components are cut by hand and sewn by skilled workers. Every effort is made to match fabric patterns of each piece that leaves the factory.

We have found through experience that technology cannot always match the quality of our artisans as they possess the touch and feel that machines cannot replicate. All upholstery fabric materials are cut by hand.

Known for their attention to detail, our artisans seamstress sew every stitch of your sofa to perfection. Whether surging hidden edges to prevent fraying or stitching details critical to the design, our sewing department makes it happen


All upholstered goods are finished with the same material on the seat deck as the body fabric opposed to an inexpensive upholstery cloth. We install a deluxe edge roll as a value added feature. This edge roll is added to hold seat cushion in place. The fully padded and covered deck demonstrates our attention to detail.